Quotes And Excerpts:

Background Information:
  • Texas Reds birthname is William Travis Jr. Texas Red craves fame, glory, and legendary status beyond the craving for life itself. It is a blind, mindless obsession far beyond his control. Texas Red forces the ranger to remain in town for eight days before the gunfight. Texas Red uses the time to build the gunfight into a historic ledgend...

  • The Arizona Ranger's birthname is Kyle Lawton and he is pure gunfighter. Where Texas Red pulls 500 practice draws a month, the ranger pulls 10,000 practice draws a month. But the ranger has such a lonely life he chides himself by saying that he knows more rattlesnakes by name than people. Then the ranger meets Lynda... Texas Red's sister.

  • Phebe and Felina met in Santa Fe soon after Felina ran away from home. They have developed a mother-daughter relationship. Phebe can still pass for 28 years-old but she is actually 38.

Ranger:We are intense men who live intense lives. Short lives, but very intense. When?
Texas Red: Next Saturday.
Ranger: Tomorrow?
Texas Red: No, a week from tomorrow. One of us only has a week to live, so let's live it.

Thinking the ranger who is looking for him is a Texas Ranger, Texas Red mocks to his men
Texas Red:This is the third ranger they have sent for me. Texas must have more rangers than they can pay, and anyone due for a raise has to bring me in. Maybe they have an overly severe punishment detail.

Texas Red is convinced that pulling a 4-1/2 pound Big Iron is suicidal
Texas Red: The gunfight with your brother was a fair fight, as ours will be. Although it cannot truly be a fair gunfight with you pulling a huge Big Iron, but that is your choice.

Texas Red: [looking at the ranger suspiciously] There hasn't been any Arizona rangers for 20 years.
Ranger:[His smile was decidedly unfriendly] We just formed a new group of Arizona Rangers a few months ago. I will be glad to explain it to you in detail on the trail back to Phoenix.

Texas Red had killed the ranger's brother who was a Texas ranger.
Ranger: Our Colt Walkers are a matched pair, but not quite identical. His gun was buried with him, and the one I'm packing will bury you.

In an attempt to defuse a tense situation, the bartender spoke to the ranger
Bartender: Do you realize that you are the only man in town who dares call this man Red?
Texas Red: The ranger has called me Red?
Bartender: [nodding] Several times in fact.

Texas Red: You know something ranger? You just might be the best gunfighter I have ever faced. This time, there will be two gunfighters in the street. We will have our gunfight ranger, but what is the hurry? Let's take some time to savor the experience.
Ranger: What in the hell are you talking about, Red? This is when we step out into the street to see who lives and who dies.

Ben and Phebe spend a week in an isolated cabin to fight and argue so Ben can come to terms with Phebe being a saloon girl for so many years. At the end of the week...
Ben: I don't know what else to say right now...
Phebe: I know exactly what to say. Either give me a gun so I can shoot myself dead or give me a ring so I can make the rest of your life so miserable it won't be worth having.

Phebe: [she reveals one more secret] Ben and I made love all through the night and Ben did things to me that no other man has ever done to me before. Can you imagine that? If that's not a sign from God then what is?

Phebe: [looking at Will with unmasked threat in her eyes] Another warning to you from the heart, Will. Don't even try to lie to me. I am significantly older than I look, and for every lie you've heard in your life, I've heard a thousand.

Will: [he smiled as he realized] That explains everything. It's not a sister relationship between you two, it is a mother-daughter relationship. He chuckled, Beware of mama bear. Then Will laughed, Does this mean you could be my mother-in-law?
Phebe: Don't make me hurt you Will, I will hurt you real bad.

Ben is on a cattle drive and has been shot by Bandoliers...
Phebe: [she sat down hard, silenced by shock and disbelief, and thought to herself] This can't be real. Ben can't be dead. I believe I am going to have a little girl, and she is going to be a daddy's girl and she is going to wrap Ben around her little finger. He has to be alive because he is going to spoil our little girl, and I will fuss at them for it, and when I fuss at them, they will go behind my back, and he will spoil her even more. We will love each other dearly, so he can't be dead.

Phebe: [looking out a window but without seeing] Just for a little while, the whole world went dark. Everything was so black and hopeless and ever so cold. Who am I to be granted a life with Ben when so many other women live in loneliness and despair?

Jessie: [He is 1 of 3 escorts to take Phebe to Ben. Jessie sighed and looked away for a few seconds] Ben bought one of the cows, and he named her Lucy. Ben told everyone that he was taking Lucy home to give his daughter milk. When we asked him how he knew it was a girl, he said because if it's a boy he is going to send it back. Jessie then became serious...
We counted almost a hundred bullet holes in the cow Ben shot for cover. What none of us want to tell him is that the cow he shot was Lucy. So we were hoping you...
Phebe: [Phebe's laugh and glare were without humor] So you want me to tell Ben that the cow he shot dead to give him cover and save his life was the cow he was going to bring home to feed our baby girl. Is that it?
The only answer Phebe got was throat clearing and nervous glances at each other.

Will is in the woods, and he is being attacked by a vicious, wild animal. He tries to fight it off, but the attacking animal is too fierce. He tries to run, but the animal is all over him, and he cannot escape. Then he hears sounds of anger from the animal. Mercifully, he wakes up and realizes it is only a dream. Unmercifully, the wild animal is Felina, who is hitting and flailing on him as hard as she can. She is cursing him up one side and down the other in Spanish, which he cannot understand.
Will: Felina, wake up. You're having a nightmare. It's me, honey, it's Will.
Felina: I know who the hell you are, and this ain't a dream. I am doing everything in my power to beat you to death, so get ready to meet your maker.
Will: Honey, what are you doing and saying? I love you, and what can I do?
Felina: Forget it, honey, you've already done enough. If I am going to suffer then so are you.
Will: What's wrong? This doesn't make any sense. What have I done?
Felina: I am with child, and I am very, very sick with child. I just threw up everything I had, and then I heaved for an hour with nothing to throw up. I hate you, Will Travis, and I am going to make sure you know it.
Will: [shouting out] we are going to have a baby? How wonderful is that? Then he reached for her to hold her.
Felina: Don't even try to touch me, Will Travis.
Will: It doesn't matter if I touch you now, it's already too late.
Felina: Look outside, Will Travis, quick, look outside.
Will: [he rushed to the window and looked outside expecting to see some kind of commotion, but while all was peaceful outside, it was not so inside.] Everything is fine. What am I looking for?
Felina: The daylight, Mr Travis, you are looking for the daylight.
Will: Okay,I see the daylight. Now what?
Felina: It is the last daylight you are ever going to see... I am going to strangle you, Will Travis, and it won't be quick, painless, or merciful.[Then Felina ran back to the plunger closet to throw up some more]
Will: [He said the right thing, but he said it at the wrong time] I sure am glad we have that new indoor plumbing.What did you call it, plunger closet? [A glass came flying out of the closet that missed his head by a foot and smashed against the wall]
Will: Do you want me to leave you alone for awhile?

Lynda: You must have a very lonely life.
Ranger: [chuckling] Let's just say that I know more rattlesnakes by name than people.

Will: [In part, to give himself a little more time before facing Fredrick, Will ask him a question] Where do you get so much fight? You are a much bigger man on the inside than you are on the outside. Where do you get so much fight?
Fredrick: [Fredrick became quite serious] The answer to that is Biblical, and some people are offended by that.
Will: [Will shrugged] Truth is where you find it.
Fredrick: [almost became a different person and his entire demeanor changed] The night Jesus Christ was arrested, he refused to fight on the grounds that this world was not his kingdom. He said if this world was his kingdom, then he and his servants would fight. But since this was not his kingdom, he would not fight. This establishment has been given to me as my kingdom to manage.Therefore I will fight for it with the last drop of my blood and my last breath of air and my last heatbeat. I will fight with everything at my disposal to protect and defend my kingdom. So to answer your question, I look beyond myself for the power and strength to fight for the kingdom that has been given and entrusted to me. Fredrick took a deep breath and let it out slowly but did not take his eyes off Will. But at this moment, Will, you are the biggest threat to my kingdom.

Ranger: [He looked at Texas Red and gestured around at the large sitting room] I don't mean to be abrasive or rude, but I didn't realize there was so much money in robbing stage coaches and small-town banks.
Texas Red: [he laughed] There isn't. Then Texas Red gestured at not only the room but inclusive of the entire house. All of this is honest money. Both of my parents were very wealthy, and my adopted parents used the money as my birth wished and invested it wisely. This may surprise you, ranger, but I have far more honest than outlaw money... unless you count the gold.
Ranger: [the ranger echoed] The gold?

Ranger: [As he looked around at the mansion, the ranger shook his head to clear his mind] Why in the hell are you an outlaw?
Texas Red: [Texas Red's only answer was a scoff]
Ranger: I'm serious, Red, why are you an outlaw? I'm as bone-curious about why you are an outlaw as you are about my Big Iron. Fess up, Red.
Texas Red: [He rolled his eyes] Catch the back door, will you ranger?

Lynda: [texas red's sister. she and the ranger are on a buggy ride to Santa Fe] We've only known you since Friday, and you know what? A couple of times now, William [texas red] has come home all fussing and fuming about that ranger. William says he is going to shoot that ranger dead, right where he stands. You know why William says that?
Ranger: No, I have no idea.
Lynda: Because William says you are the most aggravating and infuriating man who has ever lived. And do you know what?
Ranger: No, what?
Lynda: I'm beginning to believe William is right, because I am ready to shoot you right here myself. Here I am thinking of you in terms of being my man, but I am still ready to shoot you right where you stand... or sit. A minute ago, you wondered what I thought about next Saturday. Well, right now I'm thinking that you won't live long enough to worry about next Saturday. Besides, all I have to do is ask William to shoot the ranger, and William will say hell yeah, I'll shoot the ranger right now.
Ranger: [The ranger chuckled and looked straight ahead.]

[The time has come. It is time to kill, it is time to die...]

Ranger: The ranger stepped up to the bar about ten feet from Texas Red, and the bar quickly cleared between them. The ranger looked over at Red, but Red ignored him and looked straight ahead. The ranger wanted to say something, but there were no words that could say it. The ranger could not translate his thoughts into words, so the upshot was silence.
Texas Red: Then Texas Red looked over at the ranger, and the ranger ignored him and looked straight ahead. Texas Red took a very deep breath and sighed. I guess this is it, huh, ranger?
Ranger: The ranger nodded and looked at Red, and they made eye contact. I reckon it is, Red.

Without a word, both took a coin out of their pocket, and the ranger slapped his coin on the bar next to Red's drink, and Red slapped his coin on the bar next to the ranger's drink, drinks that neither man had touched. It was now 11:15 am, and they turned and walked toward the swinging doors which seemed to open themselves. The gunfighters then went to their chosen places to begin the walk of death, the final steps one of them would ever take...