A Dream Forbidden (Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter, #5)

A Dream Forbidden (Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter, #5)
Goodreads Rating: 4.19
Author: Tracey H. Kitts
Category: Fantasy
Series Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter #5
Published: June 1st 2010 by New Concepts Publishing
Pages: 180 pages
Language English

Lilith's life is starting to work out for a change. Her relationship with alpha werewolf Marco is going great. There's only one problem: Dracula is dying.

Not from lack of blood, but for her love. Dracula would never ask Lilith to risk her happiness for him and so he suffers in silence.

That is until Lilith finds out. She must come to terms with her feelings for Dracula and realize that the vampire is just as much a part of her as Marco. But if she accepts this, where does that leave the wolf king?

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