A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Dementia Ward--Memoir of a Male CNA

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to the Dementia Ward--Memoir of a Male CNA
Goodreads Rating: 4.43
Author: Charles G. Schoenfeld
Category: Uncategorized
Published: February 13th 2012
Pages: 201 pages
Language English

“Remarkable insights of skilled nursing care from an insider! Married father of four retires, studies then becomes a CNA. During his seven years of service you’ll read about the “Secret Club,” drama, compassion, and even deer hunting.

A must-read for every family struggling with the idea of moving a loved one into a nursing home. Inspiring reading for nursing home managers. Includes tips for visitors.” Brenda Avadian, MA TheCaregiversVoice.com Pearblossom, CA “Charles has written a book that is about ordinary people. This book is also about dementia and caring for those with dementia. With the baby boomer generation flooding the elderly age group, our society needs to accept that many of us will have Alzheimer’s disease and the rest of us will likely be affected by it at some level. Charles has very personal and professional experiences in this area and fortunately for readers, he has the remarkable ability to write about them in a beautifully enthralling way. Charles writes about his friends, both those he works with and those he cares for, detailing the raw needs of basic care, compassion, understanding, and human touch that those with dementia often live with.. It is clear that he also truly sees the intelligence, wit, and personality of the people he has come to know so well. Charles’ experiences at NCHCF tell a story that often sounds like fiction, but for those who already know Alzheimer’s Disease it is a story that both hurts your heart and fills it with love. For those who do not know the path that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can take you down, it is a funny, colorful, totally enthralling, and often difficult read that will make readers want to learn more. This book is written with deep insight, intelligence, grace, and above all, kindness. Readers are likely to finish this book feeling as if they too know Charles’ cherished characters.” Jane Dolan, RN, ANP-BC Aspirus Memory Clinic Wausau, WI "This is a story about a man who thought he was helping others, but in the end, received greater rewards - from the kindness he was showing others. Chuck Schoenfeld does a skillful job writing about the very serious subject of Alzheimer's in a manner that is enlightening and sometimes humorous. This book is a must read for anyone who has to deal with this debilitating disease.” Gary Edinger, Author Will to Live: A Saga of Survival Kennan, WI “Although the day was never routine, the life of a CNA has a certain pattern, helping with eating and with activities. However, this pattern was full of the dynamics of dealing with people with different levels of dementia. The major part of the book tells the stories of the individual residents in the dementia wards of North Central Health Care Facilities. With great respect for the patients at North Central Health Care, the author brings deep respect for the patients, dedication to helping those in need, and a faith that keeps him going through everything that gets thrown at you in a nursing home, including the death of those he helped and cared for.

This is a story that is not told elsewhere and should be read to get a small glimpse of the dedication of all health care workers and of the lives of those whom they cared for.” Gary Gisselman North Central Health Care, Board of Directors Wausau, WI “The author offers a compassionate and unique perspective as a professional caregiver. He reminds us all that any person living with Alzheimer’s is still a person with a rich history of interests, relationships and experiences.

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