A Gregory Treasury - Volume 1 (Gregory Treasury)

A Gregory Treasury - Volume 1 (Gregory Treasury)
Goodreads Rating: 3.93
Author: Marc Hempel
Category: Sequential Art
Series Gregory #1-2
Published: April 1st 2004 by Vertigo
Pages: 174 pages
Language English

Combining dark humor with heartwarming tales, A GREGORY TREASURY VOL. 1 is a hilariously entertaining book that chronicles the non-adventures of an instituionalized child living in an asylum. Insane and happy, young Gregory has formed his own world within his tiny cell. Befriended by a rat that continually gets reincarnated as himself, the adolescent lunatic lives an incoherent life in which the smallest of occurrences can lead to the grandest of consequences. But the true lunacy in the tiny mental patient's life doesn't occur until the psychiatrists and therapists try to cure Gregory and introduce him to a world that he doesn't understand or desire to be part of. SUGGESTED FOR MATURE READERS.

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