Batgirl, Vol. 5: Kicking Assassins

Batgirl, Vol. 5: Kicking Assassins
Goodreads Rating: 3.81
Author: Andersen Gabrych, Alé Garza, Pop Mhan, Jesse Delperdang
Category: Sequential Art
Series Batgirl, Volume I #5, Batgirl I (Single issues) #60-64
Published: January 1st 2006 by DC Comics (first published December 31st 2005)
Pages: 128 pages
Language English

I'm in love with al Cassandra Cain books apparently. I loved this one as well! Cassandra's taken over Dick's beat and is watching over Bludhaven. It's interesting watching the Batfam take care of Bludhaven because the town is a complete cesspit. Batsy says they need to make the place their home because if they care about it, they'll be more dedicated to the job. Tim barely did that in Fresh Blood but Cassie, I think really did.

She has a sweet relationship with a cafe owner, Angela I think becaus

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