Candid Camera (Were Watching, #1)

Candid Camera (Were Watching, #1)
Goodreads Rating: 3.58
Author: Susie Charles
Category: Paranormal
Series Were Watching #1
Published: July 1st 2006 by Ellora's Cave (first published 2006)
Pages: 236 pages
Language English

Used to having his pick of the ladies, werewolf Randy Trudeau's socks are knocked off by a nameless lady who kisses him into erotic oblivion one New Year's Eve and then flees. When a call comes in to Were Watching, the security company he's a partner in, to look into the burglary and assault on a lady photographer, Randy recognizes her as the mystery woman with the magic lips, and knows his bachelor days are over. One sniff, one lick, and Randy knows Crissy Carter is the woman he's been searching for since that night. She's the only woman he wants, and this time she won't get away. But keeping Crissy isn't easy getting her ornery cat on his side, rescuing her from the bad guys and keeping her vampire ex-boyfriend out of her life, becomes a full-time occupation. For Crissy, all her troubles pale into insignificance once she's reacquainted with Randy. Coming into full body contact with the super-hunky werewolf is trouble with a capital T. Scorching kisses aside, for cat-lover Crissy the last thing she expects is to find herself mated to a canine in the form of a randy werewolf. Warning: Explicit sex, mild BDSM, one anal.

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