Dhanwantari: A Complete Guide to the Ayurvedic Life

Dhanwantari: A Complete Guide to the Ayurvedic Life
Goodreads Rating: 4.08
Author: Harish Johari
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Published: November 1st 1998 by Healing Arts Press (first published 1974)
Pages: 240 pages
Language English

A guide to living the Ayurvedic way from one of its most celebrated practitioners. • A vast and practical presentation of Ayurvedic principles addressing diet, breathing, meditation, bathing, sleeping, exercise, medicine, jewelry, and sex Over the past 20 years Harish Johari's books and workshops on India's Ayurvedic traditions of cooking, massage, numerology, gemology, meditation, and Tantra have changed the lives of countless individuals in the West and have established Johari's reputation as the foremost ambassador of the Ayurvedic life. Now, for the first time, Johari's vast knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga has been distilled into one convenient volume. Named for the classical Indian god of medicine, Dhanwantari is a complete guide to living the Ayurvedic way. Chapters focus on diet, breathing, bathing, meditation, sleeping, exercising, medicine, jewelry, and sex. Anyone seeking a logical, scientific, and practical set of principles for daily life will discover an excellent guide in the time-tested system presented here. By improving the health of their bodies and minds, individuals will find that a greatly expanded breadth of life experiences is suddenly open to them.

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