Emily's Perfect Pet

Emily's Perfect Pet
Goodreads Rating: 5.0
Author: Jonathan Shipton
Category: Uncategorized
Published: September 18th 2002 by Not Avail

It's Emily's birthday and she wants a pet. Emily has always wanted a pet. But Mum and Dad think it's a bad idea. Two legs good. Four legs bad, says Dad. So Emily decides to make a list called 'My Pets'. She uses all of her diplomacy to describe to her parents the lovely things about creatures of various shapes and sizes.

But Emily's parents have serious issues with all the animals: ponies kick, puppies grow into huge slobbery dogs, kittens turn into mangy cats with terrible breath, rats just make mum shiver and goldfish 'Don't Do Anything'. There's only one more animal left on the list...Will Emily be able to persuade her parents that there is such a thing as the perfect pet? A funny story set around the 'I-Want-a-Pet' discussion familiar to many families!

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