End of Illusions (Illusions, #3)

End of Illusions (Illusions, #3)
Goodreads Rating: 3.98
Author: Annie Jocoby
Category: Romance
Series Illusions #3
Published: September 23rd 2013 by Annie Jocoby (first published September 21st 2013)
Pages: 300 pages
Language English

Iris and Ryan's troubles continue, as Ryan recovers from his near-death experience. As Ryan realizes that he has just faced down death, he spirals into a dark place, remembering the past times that he had faced death in the past. He also becomes fixated on all the people who he hurt all those years ago. While Ryan dwells in darkness, Iris turns to Nick, Ryan's best friend, for comfort, as Nick appears to be Iris' only source of support during this time. What happens next is something that nobody could expect...

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