Gnoman's Land

Gnoman's Land
ASIN 1942657005
Goodreads Rating: 4.78
Author: Mark Forker, Shannon Kachline
Category: Uncategorized
Published: 2015 by Forker Media, LLC
Pages: 40 pages
Language English

On one very special day, Mya begins to pay attention to the wonder of nature in her very own yard. Mya wants to be part of it all, but she might not be able to do that being just a little girl. Using her imagination and maybe just a little magic, Mya embarks upon a journey in search of an Adventure. She meets new characters every step of the way. Will Mya ever find what she is looking for? Would you like to find an Adventure? Would you know where to look? Use your imagination and take a journey with Mya to a place called Gnoman's Land. Meet interesting characters and experience wondrous places that will help you find your own magical Adventure! Witty storytelling, combined with carefully illustrated images, makes for a truly fantastic adventure for children and adult! Visit for more details!

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