Gran-sdur: The Games (Pha Yul, #2)

Gran-sdur: The Games (Pha Yul, #2)
Goodreads Rating: 4.73
Author: Jan Raymond
Category: Fantasy
Series Pha Yul #2
Published: October 29th 2014 by Amazon
Pages: 489 pages
Language English

Gran-sdur: The Games is the second book in the Pha-yul trilogy. Part alien and part human, Sam, Cassie, Seb, Maya and Ryan are still discovering their potential in the second book of the Pha-yul trilogy. In Pha-yul, they are guided by new mentors - experts in the particular power that each of them possess. Training with kids more skilled than them, they realize how little they know and how much more they must learn. Between all their training and classes, they try to explore Pha-yul, the beautiful and isolated location that their ancestors had chosen as their home. Adding to the pressure, they discover that they are to participate in the Gran-sdur, a competition that is held annually in Pha-yul. Here they would face the best and most skilled teams from communities around the world.

With Mr. Harris’ guidance, the youngsters train hard, but will they be good enough to hold their own against equally or more talented contestants? Mr. Harris thinks they will, but the five are not so sure. When the Games begin, the kids realise that they are not just trying to win, but are actually fighting for their lives.

Will they win, or will they go down fighting? Will all five make it to the end? Or will the circle shatter? Circle of Five, the first book of the Pha-yul trilogy is available on Amazon.

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