Grekov Mafia Romance Bundle

Grekov Mafia Romance Bundle
Goodreads Rating: 3.6
Author: Jacee Macguire
Category: Uncategorized
Series Grekov Mafia
Published: July 12th 2015
Pages: 137 pages
Language English

The sexy and exciting Grekov Mafia Russian Romance trilogy is now available in one convenient bundle. Indulgence They told me to do whatever it takes to get close to him, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Today, I received my first assignment as a DEA agent: Get close to Nikola Grekov, by whatever means necessary. It sounded easy enough. And then I met him. He’s everything a woman could want, minus the drugs, murder, and who knew what else. He’s a bad man, but it’s easy to forget that when he looks at me with those sensual eyes, touches me with those skilled hands. I was told to do whatever I must to get close to him… and I will. But it wasn’t supposed to feel so good. Enamored I gave him my body but he wants so much more. Can I say no? Do I want to? I did the impossible. I infiltrated the Grekov mafia family. All I had to do was almost lose my life… but now I’m at risk of losing a whole lot more. Nikola Grekov is dangerous and sexy, and he knows how to make me feel things I’ve never felt before. He’s introduced me to a whole new world of pleasure in the bedroom… and the shower… and everywhere else. But as a DEA agent, it’s not my job to fall for him. I’m supposed to get the proof that’s needed to bring him in. It should be easy. He trusts me now, lets me get close, but being close is a distraction I can’t ignore and proving he’s bad is difficult when he’s so good in so many decadent ways. I’m his. I know it.

He knows it. And now he wants to make sure everyone knows. Dangerous Love I’m a marked woman now, belonging to the dangerous and sexy Nikola Grekov, one of the most lethal men in the Grekov Mafia, but not even his reputation can save me from someone I thought I could trust. The Russians and the Italians are about to collide in a bloody war for control. As a DEA agent, I have to do whatever I can to stop it, even if that means sharing my greatest secret with Nikola.

My revelation shatters the trust between me and the man I think I might love. I’m lost without him. The two powerful families are moving even closer to spilling blood, and the Italians believe they’ve found the perfect bait to bend Nikola to their will. Me. Balanced on the razor’s edge of death, the man I betrayed is my only hope. I still wear his mark. I still belong to him. But does he still want me? READERS NOTE: Contains adult language and sizzling sexual situations.

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