Highlander: The Element of Fire (Highlander)

Highlander: The Element of Fire (Highlander)
Goodreads Rating: 3.36
Author: Jason Henderson
Category: Fantasy
Series Highlander - There Can Be Only One #2
Published: October 1st 1995 by Aspect
Pages: 212 pages
Language English

Highlander was one of my favorite movies, and I enjoyed the tv show. So when I found out there were novels, I had to go check them out. Yes, I'm that kind of geek. This one was a special bonus for me, as both TV's Duncan and the movies' Connor are in it. Plus, it has pirates.

C'mon, how can you mot like Immortal pirates? As with most Highlander stories, it bounces back and forth between past and present (which is now also the past, this was on a long time ago). Connor keeps trying to teach Duncan

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