Inheritance (The Dark Gifts, #2)

Inheritance (The Dark Gifts, #2)
Goodreads Rating: 4.44
Author: Willow Cross
Category: Fantasy
Series The Dark Gifts #2
Published: 2011
Pages: 230 pages
Language English

When Sarah and Jason Masada received an old house from an aunt they never knew existed, they were grateful for the blessing. Until they discovered the curse that came with being part of the Masada family--a full moon. Intent on tracing their lineage, they descend into a world of lies, fear, ancient myths, and death. Indian hunters have tracked them to the family compound, Jason is wanted for murders he doesn’t remember committing, and their new-found family is on a mission to kill them.

It seems their only hope for survival is to combine forces with two unlikely allies and trek across the globe to the place where it all began. Maybe there they can find a way to end it.

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