Not a Moment Too Soon

Not a Moment Too Soon
Goodreads Rating: 3.53
Author: Linda O. Johnston
Category: Uncategorized
Published: November 1st 2004 by Silhouette Books
Pages: 248 pages
Language English

As a private investigator, jaded Hunter Strahm thought he'd seen every kind of cruelty. But someone had kidnapped his precious daughter, and Hunter would move heaven and earth to bring her home safely--even if that meant inviting beautiful, bewitching Shauna O'Leary back into his life. Shauna had never forgiven Hunter for dismissing her psychic ability to channel a killer's mind--and leaving her with a broken heart. But now she was the desperate father's only hope to track down his baby girl. Could she finally prove she'd been right all along--not only that she had the gift, but also that their love was just as real?

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