Open House (Pool of Souls, #1)

Open House (Pool of Souls, #1)
Goodreads Rating: 3.93
Author: Krystal Shannan
Category: Romance
Series Pool of Souls #1
Published: October 19th 2012 by Krystal Shannan (first published October 5th 2012)
Pages: 60 pages
Language English

Intrinsically woven into the fabric of human existence, Aphrodite, Titan Goddess of Love and Passion, dedicates herself to matching soul mates.

Rebecca Carol and Robert Corvin missed their original chance to bond when Ares, God of War, took control of Robert's career ten years ago. Their souls have naturally pulled them back together for a second chance at love, but...How far will the gods go to get their own way? Will divine influence create another perfect match or will it tear them apart forever?

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