Secrets (Serenity Series, #1)

Secrets (Serenity Series, #1)
Goodreads Rating: 4.24
Author: Dawn Kirby
Category: Fantasy
Series Serenity #1
Published: April 24th 2013 by Twisted Core Press (first published May 31st 2012)
Pages: 359 pages
Language English

Leah has locked away secrets her entire life; Secrets from her friends and secrets from her mother. To Leah they were simply quirks. Little things she couldn't explain...phenomenal senses, light sensitivity, the ability to read people using their unique scents. The darkest secret of all was hidden inside Leah. A secret her mother, Mia was determined to keep silent. Trusting an old friend with her daughter's safety, Mia kept Leah's secret well guarded. A vow made long ago never to let the monster that took Leah's father step foot in their daughter's life again. In a fit of revenge fueled by years of jealousy, Mia's secret is revealed, throwing Leah's life into a free fall.

A trail of blood and bodies soon follow Leah wherever she goes. Leah is suddenly thrust into a world she never knew existed; A world as fascinating as it is deadly. Beings foreign to her step in to protect her.

As Raine takes his place beside her, he is forced to face a few secrets of his own. Will they uncover the secrets that bind them? Will they succumb to the devil himself?

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