The Arrival of Dawn

The Arrival of Dawn
Goodreads Rating: 4.17
Author: Bree Vanderland
Category: Fantasy
Published: March 27th 2013 (first published February 15th 2013)
Language English

Every ten years a girl is chained to the edge of the world as a sacrifice to the creatures of the night from Ironbrough. As the story goes, no one who had seen the creatures lived to tell the tale.

Dawn White, at sixteen, is the chosen one. She stands there, waiting for what is her doom, but instead gets thrown into a world of old magic of the Roseians. Confused and dazzled, Dawn is thrown into a war of good and evil, light and dark, that could destroy not only the Roseians, but the humans as well. Dawn has a choice to make as well as a journey to find who she really is after all these years.

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