The Door of the Thousand Keys (mis-adventures of Alyson Bell #4)

The Door of the Thousand Keys (mis-adventures of Alyson Bell #4)
Goodreads Rating: 4.71
Author: Kristin Groulx
Category: Uncategorized
Series The Mis-Adventures of Alyson Bell #4
Published: October 10th 2010 by Tenth Muse Books
Pages: 290 pages
Language English

When we feel that all hope is lost, we see our shadow self and have a choice to surrender to our innermost demons or to fight. Alyson meets her own shadow and wrestles for possession of her soul. Will she lose someone special in the process?... Herself? Alyson continues from where we left off in our last adventure, ready to face many new tasks and trials set before her by the Elders. Will she finally uncover her true self? Like diamonds shimmering within, the eyes are said to reveal a person's truest nature. Windows to the soul. Other times they open a portal to a darker world, those with hollow eyes and very little soul - as they are seeking yours to steal to replace the lack of their own. It began with Hremm Nevar. There is only one soul other than Alyson's that can battle these thieves, and that other must combine with Alyson - her twin flame. But first, she must find him. Only her heart can lead the way. She must open another door, ...The Door of The Thousand Keys.

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