The Forgetful Elephant

The Forgetful Elephant
Goodreads Rating: 4.25
Author: Irene Mackay, Barbara Dessi
Category: Uncategorized
Published: September 25th 2014 by Irene Mackay and Greenwave Editions
Pages: 26 pages
Language English

The last time Ellie elephant went to visit her Grandpa he couldn't remember her name. "Grandpa forgets lots of things now. And sometimes he tells me the same story over and over again." She talks to Mummy, who gently explains, in a way that she can understand, why Grandpa elephant finds it hard to remember things. And Mummy suggests how Ellie can make things easier for Grandpa. This time when Ellie goes to visit her grandparents she is going to help Grandpa find things in his Memory Box! Having worked as a Nanny, author Irene Mackay trained as a professional Home Support Worker with Alzheimer Scotland after her Mum was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. Having first-hand experience of this life-changing condition, Irene is passionate about raising children's awareness of dementia. It can be difficult to explain to a small child the behavioural changes of a grandparent, parent or sibling who is affected by memory loss. This book shows how even the very young can maintain relationships with loved ones with dementia. Visit for practical advice, articles, links, events and resources, and subscribe to her Elliegrams newsletter for regular updates. Irene regularly presents interactive storytelling sessions for children, based on this book. Twitter: @IreneMackay1 Facebook: Irene hopes this book will improve the quality of life for those living with dementia.

Reviews: "The story of The Forgetful Elephant is an inspired and sensitive way to tackle the difficult and upsetting subject of Alzheimer's. It is well-written, in a style that is clear and accessible to a young audience. I was particularly impressed that you have succeeded in creating a story which is honest about this incurable condition, but still has a hopeful message about the ways in which it can be managed by loved ones." Editorial Department of Scholastic Children's Books "What a sweet and wonderful teaching tool." Alzheimer's Support "This is a beautifully written book for littl'uns. I hope all parents will buy a copy so that their children will grow up with this knowledge." Jane Moore, Camelford Dementia Action Alliance "Alzheimer Scotland welcomes this charming story book which fills a current gap in the British market for a publication explaining dementia to pre-school and early primary school age children. Dementia affects the whole family and it can be difficult to explain why a grandparent or even a parent may be behaving differently. The Forgetful Elephant does this very well, and also shows how even very young children can develop ways of maintaining relationships with their relatives with some form of dementia." Alzheimer Scotland Head Office, Edinburgh

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