The Innocents (The Innocents, #1)

The Innocents (The Innocents, #1)
Goodreads Rating: 3.47
Author: Lili Peloquin
Category: Young Adult
Series The Innocents #1
Published: October 16th 2012 by Razorbill
Pages: 259 pages
Language English

Nothing ever came between sisters Alice and Charlie. Friends didn't.

Boys couldn't. Their family falling apart never would. Until they got to Serenity Point. In a town built on secrets and lies, it's going to be hard to stay innocent. They're sucked into a strange and seductive world—a world they can't help but hate, and can't help but love. A world that threatens to tear them apart, just when they need each other the most. The Innocents is the first in a new series of young adult novels that weave a saga of nail-biting drama, breathless romance, and Gothic mystery.

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