The Tent (Modern Arabic Writing)

The Tent (Modern Arabic Writing)
Goodreads Rating: 3.36
Author: Miral al-Tahawy
Category: Northern Africa
Published: November 1st 1998 by The American University in Cairo Press (first published 1995)
Pages: 140 pages
Language English

The Tent is a beautifully written, powerful, and disturbing novel, featuring a host of women characters whose lives are subject to the will of a single, often absent, patriarch and his brutal, foul-mouthed mother. Told through the eyes of a young girl, the lives of the Bedouin and peasant women unfold, revealing the tragedy of the sonless mother and the intolerable heaviness of existence. Set against trackless deserts and star-filled night skies, the story tells of the young girl's relationship with her distant father and a foreign woman who is well-meaning but ultimately motivated by self-interest. It provides an intimate glimpse inside the women's quarters, and chronicles their pastimes and preoccupa tions, their stories and their songs.

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