You're Under Arrest: I'm Not Kidding

You're Under Arrest: I'm Not Kidding
Goodreads Rating: 4.11
Author: Don Parker
Category: Uncategorized
Published: January 15th 1990 by Caroldon Books (first published 1988)
Pages: 243 pages
Language English

Don Parker has been a cop for seventeen years, and he says, "Everything that can happen to a cop has happened to me...twice!" Excerpts from a recent interview: Q: "What's it like in a shootout?" Parker: "I don't know, I always had my eyes closed." Q: "Well, what's it like in a high speed chase?" Parker: "I don't know, I always had my eyes closed." Q: "What has been your most frightening experience?" Parker: "My first marriage." Best known for his banquet and convention speaking, he has entertained thousands with hilarious accounts of his law enforcement career. After many requests (two), he finally put these stories in writing.

You will quickly discover that this book is not just entertaining, it is educational as well. You'll learn: * How Parker almost caused an international incident * How he helped a car thief change a tire * How he single-handedly captured a six-inch lizard inside a terrified woman's home *And much more Law enforcement is a people profession, and Don Parker perfected his people skills at an early age. As he explains, "When you're the only bald kid in the 10th grade, you learn how to get along."

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