No Poster Boy: Trans Fag Essays

No Poster Boy: Trans Fag Essays
Goodreads Rating: 3.85
Author: Elliott DeLine
Category: Lgbt
Published: 2016 by Underbelly Press
Pages: 86 pages

Outsider. Workingclass. Neuroatypical. Nonbinary. No Poster Boy. Elliott DeLine is an award-winning author of Refuse, I Know Very Well How I Got My Name, and Show Trans. His dynamic fiction and memoir writing has been informed by his experiences as a young transgender man contending with discrimination, poverty, mental illness, trauma and sexual identity. No Poster Boy is a collection of his most accessible, intimate, and daring essays on the subject of an underrepresented population: transgender men who are attracted to men.

His humorous and sobering writing is eye-opening to outsiders and validating to those who share his experiences. Speaking from a place outside academia, outside metropolitan queer life, and challenging to mainstream puff-trans-politics, “Elliott DeLine is of the most searingly honest voices in this exciting generation of young trans writers.” (Roger Hallas, former director of LGBT Studies at Syracuse University)

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