Prince of Ash (Shadow Fae, #2)

Prince of Ash (Shadow Fae, #2)
Goodreads Rating: 4.04
Author: Elaine Corvidae
Category: Fantasy
Series Shadow Fae #2
Published: June 1st 2006 by Mundania Press LLC
Pages: 229 pages
Language English

In the five years since Mina and Duncan broke the power of the Seelie Court, peace has reigned in the city of Dere.

But now there are portents that the war in Faerie may spill over into the human realm-and the faelings will be draw into the conflict whether they wish it or not. Sixteen-year-old Pooka spends his days running with his gang...and his nights battling seelie fae. Without any hope for his own future, he fights against the creatures who would prey upon the inhabitants of the slums that are his home. Alexandreya Alekseevicha fled her homeland hoping for a better life in Dere. But her faeling blood makes her a target from the moment she sets foot on the docks. Before long, her life will be entangled with those of the faelings of Dere...and her heart with a boy who may unknowingly hold the key to their survival.

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