Goodreads Rating: 3.83
Author: J.F. Rivkin, Luis Royo
Category: Fantasy
Series Silverglass #1
Published: September 1986 by Ace
Pages: 192 pages
Language English

The life of a sword-for-hire was often uncertain, but brazen and beautiful Corson brenn Torisk would have no other. When Corson's services as a guard were engaged by the Lady Nyctasia, it seemed that fortune was finally smiling upon her. The Lady had a ready wit, an open purse and a reputation for sorcery which she assured Corson was quite undeserved. While Corson had little liking for magic and still less for magicians, it seemed too good an opportunity to refuse. But when her employer's enemies proved to be as numerous as her coins, Corson decided that any aid was welcome--even the Lady's sorcery.

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