The Last Eagle

The Last Eagle
Goodreads Rating: 4.83
ISBN: 9781618869951
Author: Daniel P. Mannix
Category: Fiction
Published: 2013 by eNet Press
Pages: 149 pages
Language English

The Last Eagle is the story of a male bald eagle born in a huge nest high in an elm tree overlooking the Chesapeake Bay where he is raised by dedicated and attentive parents. As he grows and matures he flaps his way through a number of maturational experiences as he is rendered helpless by an agitated skunk, stashes tools for exercise and rainy day entertainment including an old clorox bottle and a dead eel, tangles with a banded water snake, is duped by a pair of ospreys, manages to get himself waterlogged by a catfish, and perfects his aerial tactics when he is seduced by an older female. Which just goes to show that if you can get out of the nest before being eaten by your sister, life is good.

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